Oops. We messed up.

Nothing is more important to the vitality of the KGCL than our members.  We like to recognize each household that supported the League during the prior year by listing them in our fall newsletter.  Unfortunately, the newsletter that was sent to all neighborhood homes last week omitted six members from a street listing due to an editing error.   We regret that omission.   These members were left off the Watergate Drive portion of the list:

  • Newberry, Ted & Amy
  • Sawyer, Rob & Tracy
  • Smigielski, John J.
  • Smith, Woody & Nan
  • Soloman, Laura & Alexander Perry
  • Tolison, Tammy & Steve

We apologize for the error and thank these members for their KGCL support.  For the complete (and corrected) list, please click here: KGCL Newsletter Sept2018_Vol19_Issue 1-Member Names

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