Kings Grant Lake Carp Project Update

The project to reintroduce the state-approved species of grass carp into King’s Grant lakes is ready for the next big step. The delivery of the sterile, grass munching carp is expected on Thursday, June 12th! The fish are being transported a considerable distance by truck to our neighborhood, so the day could potentially change. Updates will be provided on this site as the day and times are confirmed. The neighborhood organizers of this project have a permit from the Virginia Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) to place carp in four of the five KG lakes. These are Lake Forest (the large lake roughly bounded by Watergate Ln and Edinburgh Dr), Kings Lake, Queens Lake, and the unnamed pond between Queen Elizabeth Dr and Prince Charles Dr. The group is still working with the state on the permitting process for Timber Lake, the other large lake that is roughly bounded by Quimby Rd, Winchester Ln, Kensington St, and the Lynnhaven baseball fields, so this lake will not be part of this delivery. The project organizers understand that many donors to this project want to see the delivery, so stay tuned. The fish can be delivered directly from the truck into some lakes, but others will be stocked by carrying the fish to the water. More details will be provided as soon as we get them.

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