Learn About Backyard Birds    By Sally Huntington

Have you ever wanted the beautiful birds in our community to visit your yard and stay awhile?  Did you ever wonder what to feed hummingbirds or how to attract bluebirds?  You’ll find those answers and much more if you come to our General Meeting on May 17th at 7:00 pm in the King’s Grant Elementary School cafeteria to hear Angie Henry, the manager of the Wild Birds Unlimited Store at Hilltop. She’ll present a slide show and tell you all about how to make a bird habitat in your yard that will attract lots of different birds to feed and nest. She’ll even give you a sample bag of bird food and a pamphlet to help you get started.
Angie is extremely knowledgeable about birds and, in great part, helped my husband and I learn how to set up the feeding stations and special houses we have in our yard.  We learned that finches like a special wire feeder filled with thistle seed and bluebirds love fresh and dried mealworms. We also have special feeders and attachments to help stop squirrel invasion and an allimportant bird bath.  

We hope you’ll come to our meeting and learn about a great hobby!

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