Buy a Carp, Clean a Lake

Clean Lakes and Carp Donation Project Seeks Support

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King’s Grant Community League is coordinating community efforts to improve the
quality of our fresh water lakes by collecting money to purchase Carp to be placed in
our five (5) neighborhood lakes. We plan to buy an approved species of grass eating
sterile Carp to be put into the lakes this spring. A mature Carp will eat about 5 pounds
of aquatic greens a day. Their life span is typically between 5-11 years, but it can get
much older. We have about 35 acres of lakes, and we need 6-8 fish per acre. We
have researched various methods of controlling the aquatic weeds in our lakes and
returning Carp to the lakes seems to be the most cost effective and environmentally
friendly avenue by far. Details of this project have been published in our recent KGCL

One Carp cost about $14. Our fund-raising goal is $5,500. This will fund reintroduction
of Carp into the lakes and provide the initial funds for replenishment on a regular basis
(about 20% every two years). We are setting up a special bank account just for this
project that the KGCL will administer.

If each resident who lives around the lakes donates at least $25, we will have raised
enough funds for this project. However, we are looking for the community as a whole
to donate since many of us enjoy the lakes, and also it enhances our neighborhood to
have nice clean lakes. Please consider donating even if you do not live on the lakes.

Our deadline to order the Carp is April 12, 2018.

Donate through PayPal

You can mail or hand-deliver checks/cash to KGCL.

Make your checks payable to KGCL and add Carp to the memo line on your check

Mail to:

KGCL, P. O. Box 9481, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23450

Hand deliver to:

  • Ray Payne, Vice President of King’s Grant Community League
    561 Canterbury Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23452 (ph No 373-4768)
  • Mona Denton, Treasurer of King’s Grant Community League
    3020 Watergate Lane, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452 (Ph No 377-2370)
  • Susan Ontko, Grounds Keeper for King’s Grant Community League
    3201 Blue Ridge Court, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452 (ph No 463-2534)
  • Susie and Jack Moughan, Volunteers for King’s Grant Community League
    3104 Watergate Lane, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23452 (ph no 631-1331)
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