General Meeting Thursday October 19th


A general meeting of members is Thursday, October 19th.

The meeting is open to all residents, including non-members.

This is our annual business meeting to approve the budget.

Topic: Reintroducing Carp to Our Lakes

In the KGCL newsletter recently delivered to all homes in King’s Grant, we wrote about the possible reintroduction of carp in our fresh water lakes as a means to control the expanding problem of aquatic weeds. We will devote our fall meeting to this discussion. Based on the size of our lake system, we estimate that approximately 300 carp would be needed to start, with about 20% replenishment every two years if the program meets expectations.  As a property owner on the lake, the KGCL has a special interest in the water quality of our lakes, and we will engage our membership to determine the extent of our participation, but it remains primarily a task for home owners around the lakes to lead the way.  If you have an interest in the appearance and water quality in our neighborhood lakes, please attend.  Read your newsletter for more information.

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