Update: King’s Grant Road Sanitary Pump Station

As everyone who travels Kings Grant Road between Virginia Beach Blvd and Little Neck Road has seen,the construction work for replacement of the sanitary sewer pump station on Kings Grant Road is finally underway. So is the work to install a new sewer line beneath Kings Grant Road. There are two separate work crews involved, so the contractor changed the sequence of road work in order to avoid interferences between them in the early stages of the project. Road work began near Virginia Beach Blvd and will move north to the pump station. This is a reversal of the original plan which started at the pump station and worked south to Virginia Beach Blvd.

An assortment of issues delayed the start of the project (wet weather, interfering utility lines, and trees), so the contractor is behind schedule at the pump station site. Temporary pump equipment is housed in the large orange containers at the corner of Kings Grant Road and Sunnybrook Lane. These are now on-line and serve to bypass the pump station so that it may be demolished and rebuilt. The large crane will be used to demolish the pump house and the concrete wet well beneath it. The crane will then drive steel sheet piles to create a cofferdam so that a new wet well can be constructed. While the work at this site continues, the sewer line work beneath the road will continue to work its way north.

The portion of the road now being worked is closed to through traffic. Once construction reaches the intersection of Kings Grant Road and North Lynnhaven Road, the contractor will work around the clock during one weekend to get through that area at quickly as possible. You can expect this portion to be the most disruptive to neighborhood traffic flow. Once road work gets north of that intersection, then one lane will remain open on Kings Grant Road the rest of the way. No disruption of school bus routes is expected.

The updated plan for the major chunks of work are:

  • Pump Station Demolition: February ’16 – March ‘16
  • Below Grade Construction: March ’16 – August ‘16
  • Pump Station Construction: July ’16 – January ‘17
  • Sewer Line Installation: January ’16 – April ‘16

The city’s Public Utilities Engineering Division agreed to provide more details (projected dates for each phase of the work) on road closures. That info will be provided when received.

King's Grant Road Sanitary Pump Station Project    King's Grant Road Sanitary Pump Station Project


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