City of Virginia Beach Leases the KGCL “Triangle” Property

The City of Virginia Beach and the Kings Grant Community League have signed a one year lease that grants the City use of the “Triangle” property for a storage and equipment laydown area supporting the replacement of the Sanitary Sewer Pump Station on Kings Grant Road.  The scope of the project includes installation of a new sewer line beneath Kings Grant Road from the pump station to Virginia Beach Blvd.  The term of the lease runs from November 1, 2015 through October 31, 2016.  Some construction equipment is already at the Triangle, and residents will soon see increasing activity that includes perimeter fencing and tree protection.  We have good dialogue with the City and their contractor.  As project updates are obtained, more information will be posted to this website.

The KGCL was first contacted about use of this property nearly a year ago.  The KGCL Board’s outreach to our membership through e-mail, newsletters and our general meetings (which included a brief by the City Project Engineer) found a very high level of support for this lease from members.  In addition to providing a suitable location for the contractor’s work, which will keep equipment off the streets during non-work hours, this lease provides the KGCL with a sizable source of revenue that we will reinvest in our properties for the benefit of our community.

Click here to read a copy of the lease.

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