City Shares Bikeways and Trails Plans With, Seeks Input From KGCL

Mr. Wayne Wilcox shares the City's plans for bikeways and trails

Mr. Wayne Wilcox shares the City's plans for bikeways and trails at the October General Members' Meeting

At the last General Members’ Meeting on 10/21 we were joined by Mr. Wayne Wilcox, CLA from the City’s Planning, Design and Development team within the Division of Parks and Recreation.  Mr. Wilcox shared with members the City’s themes driving the development of a master plan for bikeways and trails.  These themes acknowledge that Virginia Beach is not as biking and walking friendly as it could be and they make clear that the City seeks input from residents for improving this situation.  Mr. Wilcox invited members to share their thoughts, concerns, and requests for bikeways and trails and many members responded. Among the topic raised were: a need for a bike lane and/or signs on King’s Grant Road, a suggestion to coordinate with the City’s plans to install a sidewalk on North Lynnhaven Road, and desire to have a dedicated multi-use path for bikes and pedestrians from Town Center to the Oceanfront.

The City is currently holding a series of Bikeways and Trails Plan Public Information Meetings.  More information, including Mr. Wilcox’s contact information can be found here.

King’s Grant Community League is committed to bringing this kind of information to the attention of the residents and to facilitating communication with the City on the behalf of KGCL Members.  To stay informed, be sure to join or renew your membership in KGCL.

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